Everyone Says I Look Just Like Her


Balas is blessed with a strong ensemble cast led by Herlihy who manages to be convicting and convincing by offering a natural, authentic performance that vividly brings to life the very real tensions that can exist between two siblings.
— Richard Propes, The Independent Critic
Later, Emmie poses in a solo session that strips away her facade of flightiness, first erotically and then more profoundly.
— Christopher Lloyd, The Film Yap
... from tearfully recounting a dream she’d had of her mom or candidly confronting Balas’s Rowan about how his modern photography will begin to support her sister, it’s Herlihy whose scenes will linger long after the film ends.
— Jen Jonas, Film Intuition
Part of Everyone Says...’s success is the fearlessness concerning negative space, visually and orally. Herlihy is a confident artist.
— Jim Pavlik, Indy Film Fest



As Ingrid, Herlihy has to do a lot of the heavy lifting performance-wise, and she’s able to keep the character sympathetic even as she becomes more and more unhinged and erratic.
— Nick Rocco Scalia, Film Threat
To witness a collapsing mind, especially when done so well, is a strangely entertaining thing.
— Billy Conrad, IndyRed
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Love Me Anyway


love me.png
Everyone gives great performances, but the two star players for me are Edgar Muniz as Eddie and Dee Herlihy as Esme. Their acting abilities really shine during their fight scene.
— Brooke Mickler, The Film Yap
More successful are the scenes between Eddie and Esme. They might or might not have fallen out of love, but they are still comfortable and affectionate with each other.
— Kilian Melloy, Edge Media Network

What it Was


As she works through her relationship with her mother and her husband, she also rekindles an old romance with Toni (an excellent performance by Herlihy).
— Brian T. Carney, Washington Blade