Hi, I'm Deirdre and I was born and raised in coastal New Hampshire. An East Coast Kid. 

I trained for film & television in New York and Los Angeles and have since become an indie film workhorse in both cities. My work on-screen has been played for film festival audiences across the country (SXSW, Frameline, OutFest, Austin Film Festival) and can be found on platforms such as Amazon Prime, Hulu and iTunes.

I co-created, starred in and overcame my fear of improv in the comedic web series, The Really Cool Show, that has over 20 million views. In 2012, I co-founded the production company Robel Films (also known as my first born) which has produced 10+ feature films that I have either starred in, produced or directed.  Recently, I’ve jumped head first into the world of voiceover and have had the chance to feature my "cords"  in several commercial campaigns and radio theatre projects.

I'm very nostalgic, I will not forget your birthday and I'm the happiest when I'm on set with great people making work that excites and fuels my soul.

Direct to Dee for all inquires

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